Brivis Evaporative

A reputation for innovation, reliability and quality for over 50 years has led to Brivis being recognised as the staple brand for evaporative cooling in Australian homes.
Every Brivis cooler is designed and built to withstand the severe Australian summer and guaranteed to provide your home with cool, refreshing air for many years.
Brivis Contour

Contour Range

The Contour has a very low profile and is one
of the most advanced evaporative coolers in its
class – designed to deliver volumes of cold air
without the large profile of traditional coolers.

Every stage of its operation has been designed
to make it reliable and discreet.

Brivis Promina

Promina Range

The Brivis Promina uses advanced technologies developed for the sleek Brivis Contour to ensure
quality and reliability. For example, the Brivis Promina incorporates the Brivis designed fan
which maximises airflow with quiet operation.

Brivis Advance

Advance / Advance Plus Range

The Brivis Advance™ Series has been developed with greater cooling pad surface area to excel in large airflow
requirements, plus it is a stylish cooler for both new installations and replacement of older style coolers.
With large airflow and cooling pads, the Brivis Advance™ uses a uniquely designed AutoRefresh water management
system and has a sloping trough which keeps the water constantly circulating through the system.

Brivis Adbal

AD Series Range

Designed to resist the harshest of nature’s challenges, the Brivis AD cooler pioneered many
innovative features in evaporative coolers. The Brivis AD cooler has a sloping trough which keeps
the water moving towards the pump and constantly circulating through the system, keeping it fresh and clean.

Brivis ContourEvap System
L36Evap 750Watts
L46Evap 750 Watts
L56Evap 750 Watts
L66Evap 950 Watts
L76Evap 1000 Watts
Brivis Promina RangeEvap System
P36Evap 750Watts
P46Evap 750 Watts
P56Evap 750 Watts
P66Evap 950 Watts
P76Evap 1000 Watts
Brivis Advance RangeEvap System
F36DEvap 750Watts
F56DEvap 750 Watts
F76DEvap 1000 Watts
F46DSEvap 750Watts
F66DSEvap 1000 Watts
F86DSEvap 1000 Watts
Brivis AD RangeEvap System
AD56 BALEvap 750Watts
AD66Evap 750 Watts
AD66 BALEvap 750 Watts
AD86Evap 1000 Watts

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