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We recommend that your system is maintained annually as a minimum, depending on the environmental conditions, these could vary with seasonal change.

You have made a substantial investment in your system, a regular air conditioning service will give you extended operating life and comfort cooling for years to come. Air conditioner manufacturers will state in their warranty card that is the owners’ responsibility to do regular maintenance checks to be in compliant with warranty terms and conditions.

Our air conditioning service will cover this as a minimum, in addition to our proactive maintenance checks to reduce your inconvenient service calls during extreme conditions.

If regular maintenance checks is not carried, you may encounter some of the issues shown below –

  • Blocked Filters
  • Blocked Condensate Drains
  • Debris in Outdoor Unit
  • Mould & Bacteria

If the filters are not cleaned on a regular basis, dust particles can loosen and get into the coil requiring a thorough coil clean or in some cases can cause the system to malfunction. A high-quality air filter will improve the quality of the air you are breathing.

Can become blocked with dust picked up from the system and when mixed with water can form a ‘cloggy’ mass in the drain. This could lead to water leaks within your walls and ceilings

Leaves and debris accumulated around the outdoor unit could block the air flow, which could cause the system to overheat/overwork resulting in drawing more current.

Can build up in non maintained systems and cause unpleasant smells that could have health repercussions

Air Conditioning Service Price List
New Client Existing Client Maintenance Agreement
Price Per Visit $199 $179 $154
Extra Fancoils $50 ea $45 ea $40 ea
Additional Systems $99 ea $75 ea $70 ea
Access / OH&SAir Conditioning Service – Miscellaneous

Please be aware of what is and isn’t covered by warranty. If upon inspection of your system the problem is something not covered by warranty, a charge may be incurred. If upon inspection the problem is due to misuse, no problem found, or is not covered by warranty, again a charge may be incurred.


Refrigerant piping and gas leaks are only covered by a 1 year warranty. All care and attention is taken on installation but refrigerant gas leaks still can occur. A slight knock to the system can damage the pipes or loosen connections at the flare and cause a leak.


domestic maintenance program is offered with new installations. This is included in our installation recommendations to you and gives you the option to accept this along with installation. We offer preferential pricing as well as discounts. Payment is required annually in advance. If you wish to take out a maintenance agreement for an existing system(s), please advise and we can tailor an agreement for you.


We have numerous commercial clients where we undertake maintenance of their system(s) on a regular basis. These clients vary such as large Catholic schools, government organisations, shops and offices for small to medium sized commercial clients. These clients need maintenance on a more regular basis and range from every month to every six months depending upon environment and usage. We offer our commercial clients contracts with preferential pricing and discounts.


Our prices are stated here on our website. We will advise you at the time of booking that when we call you to confirm the day of our visit we will ask for credit card details. Giving us your details authorizes us to take payment from your credit card. This saves us extra administration in chasing up payments after the event.


We will email you a confirmation after a booking request has been received. It will advise our procedures and your price for our visit, as discussed.


n air balance is not included in a General Service. Depending upon how many rooms require balancing and the length of time required to carry it out, extra labour charges will be incurred. This would be assessed when carrying out a general service and we would arrange to return at another


Once we receive your booking request, a job is created and is put in a pending list awaiting scheduling.  Please advise days or dates that would work best for you, or we should avoid, to assist with our scheduling.  When we confirm the booking with you we can only advise an AM or PM time slot. 

  • AM is 7.30-13.00
  • PM is 12.00-17.00

There are various types of filters for different systems and setups; we may not keep a record of this when your system is installed.  We can assess your filters when carrying out a general service on your system and advise if they need to be replaced.

The Pact Process

Stage 1


Determine customer requirements

Stage 2

Calculation and Design

Calculate Air requirements and design solution

Stage 3


Provide customer design and quotation

Stage 4


Prepare and Install products as per quote

Stage 5

Commission and Handover

Ensure installation is complete and compliant, and demonstrate unit and controllers.

Stage 6

Maintenance and Support

Provide Maintenance and support for installed products

Preferred Brands

Pact can provide you any brand, however the below are Australian certified and approved.

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